Back off the wagon

October 24, 2006

Blogging is a tricky thing. I spent the better part of three years on Wunderkinder, and what did I get? A possible stomach ulcer? Despite my best intentions, I couldn’t avoid politics (which is what most people came to the site to read about), readers showed a surprising lack of interest in the NBA draft (shame on you all!), and I generally caused a great deal of grumbling and consternation among my friends.

 So I plan to do better this time out.

 How can I summarize the last year and a half of my life? I have a fiancee whom I will marry in May 2007. I have a new coop we share in the murky depths south of Capitol Hill near the new baseball stadium in Washington DC. I have a puppy, Frances, who torments me and seems to have plunged headlong into her “frightened period”.

 That would be the short version. I’ll fill in the details over time.


One Response to “Back off the wagon”

  1. catherine Says:

    yay! you’re back.

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