Lost – the Others creep me out some more

October 26, 2006

Thoughts on Lost last night:

  • Thank God it wasn’t another filler episode. That doesn’t mean Abrams etal. advanced the plot very much., considering Lost doesn’t have much of a plot at all at this point. Let’s be honest – what has happened so far this year? Four episodes in, we know that the Others have their own little town and may have lived on the Island for much of their lives. They consider themselves the good guys and seem to have no knowledge of their Children of the Corn creepiness. And they may need Jack to operate on Ben Linus, their leader. That’s about it. The rest of it, to be honest, is irrelevant. What matters at this point is whether the episodes are fun, since I’ve given up on plot advancement. And last night’s episode was a lot of fun.
  • Praise be for any episode that doesn’t feature Locke. At this point, I want to pee on his face.
  • Can’t I get an Eko episode, please?
  • I think they’re making a mistake humanizing Sawyer. It’s one thing to show his family tragedy because that explains who he is. It’s another to show him giving some 6 figure finder’s fee to his possible daughter. No one is going to believe murderer Kate loving some pussy who gives up that much money to pay for some dirty love child he sired with a New Mexican whore.
  • I wish Desmond had planted that lighting rod in Dominic Monaughan’s back. I can’t handle that skeezy-scary face that hobbit’s always making. It’s a bad sign for a character if every time they announce the impending death of an Islander, everyone hopes it’s you. I hate saying this, but maybe he needs to start riding the horse again, everyone liked him better that way.
  • If I was an Other with unlimited power over Kate, I might do bad things to her. For the same reason I was rejected from prison guard school. Unlimited power makes me horny.

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