Rich Ass Metro Employees

June 5, 2007

I make a good living, and I’ve never complained about my salary. I’ve led or done the major work for analysis that has led to about half a billion dollars in financial savings for the United States government. However, apparently I’m in the wrong business.

Last year, 139 [Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority] operators, station managers, mechanics and other hourly wage earners took home paychecks of $110,000, quadruple the number who did so in 2004.


Let me get this straight: the guy who drives my Metro train, or the guy who drives the bus I take around town, might make substantially more than I do? The gist of this article is that Metro is paying massive amounts of overtime to its employees, about 14 percent of total payroll goes to overtime pay.

And let me get this straight: After racking up $91 million in overtime bills and a $116 million budget gap, Metro, instead of fixing its own mess, is going to increase fares and pass the bill along to its riders?

Look, I love the Metro system. After moving into the city in 2004, I’ve become comfortable with the hodgepodge of buses and trains you need to get around town. It’s actually very convenient, and I’ve come to believe that people who find the system onerous are really just people who refuse to learn the bus system (there are parts of the city underserved by the trains, that have excellent and convenient bus service). The buses and trains are generally clean and on time.

 But COME ON. I think this excerpt will show how ridiculous the system is:

 So if a bus driver usually works a 47-hour week, for instance, his vacation pay would mimic his regular pay: 40 hours at straight time, plus seven hours of overtime, Roth said.

 They get paid overtime for vacation.

And Metro officials wonder why so many Washington residents hate Metro.


2 Responses to “Rich Ass Metro Employees”

  1. Sam Says:

    Thank the unions. And don’t forget about their “secret” pensions:

    Speaking of which, how much better has the Examiner made the Post in terms of these sorts of uncovering DC government correuption stories? Lots better, I think.

  2. s Says:

    The Examiner definitely seems to have an old-school expose feel to it, whereas the Post traditionally seemed to take a softie approach to local issues.

    The Post is a great paper, but the writers really aren’t tied in locally very well. I find stories all the time with stupid errors. For example, on multiple occasions stories have been written about the new baseball stadium claiming it is in Southwest Washington. Well I live about 4 blocks from the stadium, it’s western border is South Capitol Street. Meaning it’s solidly in Southeast, not Southwest.

    It seems like a silly mistake, but I think it shows that writers at the Post really aren’t concerned with local details. If you’re really knowledgeable about DC, there’s no way you can mistake the location of a building for existing in the wrong quadrant.

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