Bad Idea Jeans

June 20, 2007

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg abruptly left the Republican party yesterday, which seems to be the first sign that he will make a run as an Independent for the presidency in 2008.

 What is he thinking? Is this the ultimate mid-life crisis? Is this a really fancy Porsche Boxer he’s buying himself? Is he so self-centered, does he think so much of himself, does he think he has that much to say, that he’s willing to spend millions and millions of dollars of his own money simply to interject his opinions into a national race, without the slimmest glimmer of hope that he could actually win? Apparently so.

Bloomberg has reportedly told those closest to him that he would spend as much as half a billion dollars if he ran for the presidency, while some reports have suggested that he could spend double that amount.

Wow. At least tell me you’re doing it for the pussy.

Look, I respect education reform. I do. But President Michael Bloomberg? I can’t see that.


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