Trivia villians

June 20, 2007

Over the past few months, I’ve been playing pub quiz with some friends on their team at Stetson’s on U Street. Now, I’m pretty fucking awesome at trivia. Somehow, I’ve managed to crowd out all the math, science, and history I once knew and filled my brain up with answers to questions like “who played Major Dad?” (Gerald B. McRaney) and “what is the world’s deepest lake?” (Lake Baikal). Does this help me in any way in my life besides one night a week slightly improving my chances of winning a $75 gift certificate to subtract from my bar tab? Of course not.

 Also, I gotta vent a second. I believe I’m still considered a provisional member of this team, meaning if all the original members of the team decide to play one week (this has only happened once) then I can’t play. Despite the fact the original members are borderline retarded and, as we discussed earlier, I’m pretty fucking awesome at trivia.

Full disclosure: I’m not awesome at all parts of trivia. I can’t do music rounds to save my life, and I’m rarely helpful on audioclips.

In any case, there was a bit of a discrepancy last week when our team was accused of cheating by some douchebags sitting next to us. Now, of course, we were cheating, but I believe that every team that’s been there a long time cheats in a few small ways every game. We know for a fact that the exact way we get a few answers per game (amounting to 2-3 points out of the 65-70 or so you need to finish near the top) is used by multiple other teams. So suck on it, douchebags, I’m glad we didn’t see you last night.

Oh, we finished 4th, a respectable finish after the disgrace of a cheating accusation.


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